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Tee Ball is typically for ages 4-5.

Local Rules

  1. All T-Ball games will be five (5) innings.
  2. Each team is allowed to play ten (10) players – six (6) infielders and four (4) outfielders.
  3. The outfielders must be distributed evenly from left to right. (no short fielder)
  4. Each team will bat all players every inning.
  5. There will be NO base advancements allowed on an overthrow. The intent is to encourage the children to learn how and where the proper throw should be made.
  6. The bases will be cleared after three (3) outs.
  7. The last batter to bat in an inning is allowed to go to the base that he/she attained in the next inning, provided that the player was not out or the third out was not made on his/her turn at bat.
  8. After a hit, the runners must stop at the base that they are heading towards when the ball is thrown into the infield. It is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure that excessive base running does NOT take place. The guideline should be, if the child would get the extra base in REAL baseball, let him/her get them in T-Ball, otherwise hold the player up.
  9. Two (2) defensive coaches are allowed on the field to help coach the children.
  10. The HOME team will supply the umpire. The umpire calls ALL outs and his word is final. If he needs help from a coach on a close play, he can request assistance on the call.
  11. There will be coach pitching commencing with games the week after Memorial Day. After three (3) strikes, the tee will be set up for the child to finish his/her turn at bat. If a coach feels that a child cannot hit a pitched ball, the coach has the option of not pitching to that player and allowing the player to hit from the tee instead.
  12. Any child that begins T-Ball at age 4 is required to play 2 years in the T-Ball division.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.
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