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Challenger Baseball 2014

Horsham Little League Challenger Baseball

Dear Baseball Players, Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to another exciting season of Challenger Baseball! I am writing to give you updates on the registration process, and some exciting news about this season.

Opening Day will be in mid-April 2014. I expect that Opening Day ceremonies will follow the same structure as in the past. I will send the start times, and dates for picture day and for uniform pickup when they are set.  I will also send a schedule of games and events closer to the start of the season.

With our recent growth, we also can use more on the field buddies.  I have attached and pasted in this message an appeal for youth volunteers, but please feel free to circulate it to persons who you think may be interested, or to youth or other groups whose members need service hours.  (Please let me know if you would like me to send it to you as a separate Word attachment.

Since we have been fortunate to have had so many helpful youth volunteers, this year I would like to try to involve them even more.  We all know that social media sites have become invaluable ways of sharing information and news.  I also recognize that I am not "native" to Facebook, Instagram or other popular sites (and my employer and clients may not appreciate the time demands of such sites).  However, if any of our players or their siblings (or their parents) may be interested in maintaining and updating a social media site for Horsham Challenger Little League, I would be welcome their assistance (subject to my oversight). 

You should register for the Challenger Division exclusively through the process in this letter. You may see information about online registration at the Horsham Little League website, or have received an email message recently announcing the opening of online registration, and you must use that procedure for your children who will play in a division other than Challenger. Because Challenger operates on a different timetable, and is funded through Horsham Rotary, the coaches handle all registration ourselves, and you will not see your child listed on the “find my team” portion of the Horsham Little League website. 


Please note that Challenger registration continues throughout the season, and no late fees are due – our focus is on participation, rather than competition. If you happen to see this in mid-season, we can still accommodate your child (although the team assignment may be based on what size shirts we have left). In prior years, we have registered players even as late as a week before the end of the season. In addition, please ask your friends and classmates if they would like to play, since we can always use additional baseball players (the minimum age is 4). If you have a contact person for the Special Education program in your district, or for a special needs program, please send me that person’s name (or feel free to forward this message) so that others can learn about our league.

The league requires no registration fee, but asks those who can afford to pay to contribute all or part of the $125.00 fee. (The fee for two children is $215, and for three or more children is $295.) There is also no late fee for registration in Horsham Challenger Little League.  However, Horsham Little League has never prevented a child from playing if his or her parents could not afford the registration fee. The Horsham Rotary Club, Horsham Little League and anonymous individuals defray the costs of the program for Challenger players whose family cannot afford the registration fee. In addition, this year the league will not require a fundraiser as in the past.

As in the past, families registering multiple children in both Challenger and one of the other divisions should adjust the amount they pay to obtain the multi-child discount, since the online registration system does not have a space to designate the Challenger division. Rather than designate an incorrect division, you can register your children for all divisions other than Challenger using the online system, and then register your child in Challenger using the mail-in form.

If you elect to pay the Challenger fee, simply pay only what the difference would have been had you registered online. For example, if you register two children who are not in Challenger (for $215), you should pay only $80 for your child in Challenger (the difference between the $295 fee for three or more children, and the $215 fee for two children). 

Please feel free to send me a message at sjaskiewicz@lawsgr.com , or call me at 215-241-8866 if you have any questions.  Remember, registration for the Challenger Division is always open, with no late fees.

Please send the registration form and your check (payable to “Horsham Little League”) to:

Bob Immerman
715 Marietta Drive
Ambler, PA 19002

We would like to place our order for uniforms by mid February, so it is important that we get back your registration form as soon as possible.

In the past some parents have mentioned that their child does not need a new shirt, because the old one still fits. I have added a line for that request to the form, to help cut our uniform costs, but please be sure to have your child try on the old shirt before you check that option. I know that my son is growing into my clothes, and the shirt that was fine last year may not fit now.

Challenger also needs volunteers to help with activities, uniform distribution, fund raising, and coaching – everyone is welcome to help. There are always things that you can do to help run our league, and new volunteers (especially those with special needs experience) are always welcome. If you are interested please inform Stan Jaskiewicz at sjaskiewicz@lawsgr.com or by phone at 215-241-8866 now, and download and return the league’s security clearance form. Note that you can complete this form online, and print it out; Little League rules require that I submit a new form this year for each coach or person in direct contact with our players, even returning coaches.

If you feel that your child in Juniors is ready to move up to the Seniors division, please contact me or one of the other coaches, so that we may place him or her on the appropriate team. In addition, we are always open to ideas about how to improve the league or change our procedures; just send them to me or one of the other coaches.

We will circulate further scheduling details as soon as possible via email. Since we provide all communications by email, it is important, if possible, that we have a working email address from each family. If your email is filtered for spam or other reasons, please permit email from sjaskiewicz@lawsgr.com so that you do not miss any important messages.

P.S. Please send back the registration form as soon as possible. We would like to place our order for uniforms by mid February, so it is important that we get back your registration form as soon as possible. For any special requests pertaining to uniforms, please contact me as soon as possible via email at sjaskiewicz@lawsgr.com). If your child did not get his or her trophy from last season, please let me know that as well, since I have all of them; I will also bring them to uniform distribution day in April before the start of the season, or make other arrangements with you.

I look forward to seeing you at the distribution of uniforms, and on Opening Day.

25th Anniversary Challenger

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Buddy?


By volunteering as a Buddy, you can help baseball players who are just like your children, but who happen to have a disability, in the Horsham Little League Challenger Division.  With almost 100 families playing in recent years, we need "Buddies" to help our players in the field, running the bases and batting.  Challenger baseball not only develops physical skills, but also gives players the confidence and self esteem to succeed, both on and off the playing field. 

We play at Deep Meadow Park during the months of April, May, and June, every Saturday morning at 9, and alternating Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  No special training is required, other than patience, a cheerful attitude and a willingness to help others - you qualify to be a Challenger buddy if you can give a high 5, a big smile, or any other form of encouragement.  Service credit is available for consistent participation by students. 

If you or your child would like to help, please contact Challenger Player Agent Stan Jaskiewicz atsjaskiewicz@lawsgr.com or at 215-241-8866.  Please feel free to circulate this message to your players and others who may be interested in volunteering – all volunteers must pass a Little League background check.  Little League publishes "Buddy Guidelines" for Challenger Division here

According to a Middle Eastern proverb, a man walked past a beggar and suffering persons, and asked, "Why, oh God, do you not do something for these people?" To which God replied, "I did do something, I made you."

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