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Safety Code For Little League

  • Responsibility for safety procedures should be that of an adult member of the local league
  • Arrangements should be made in advance of all games and practices for emergency medical services
  • Managers, coaches and umpires should have some training in first-aid. First-aid kit should be available at the field.
  • No games or practices should be held when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lighting is inadequate.
  • Player area should be inspected frequently for holes, damage, stones, glass and other foreign objects.
  • Dugouts, “on deck” circles and bat racks should be positioned behind screens.
  • Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field during play and practice sessions.
  • Responsibility for keeping bats and loose equipment off the field of play should be that of a player assigned for this purpose.
  • rocedure should be established for retrieving foul balls batted out of the playing area.
  • During practice and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  • During warm-up drills, players should be spaced so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.
  • Equipment should be inspected regularly. Make sure it fits properly.
  • Batters must wear approved protective helmets during batting practice, as well as during games.
  • Male catcher must wear catcher’s helmet, long model chest protector, shin-guards and protective supporter at all times.
  • Except when runner is returning to a base, headfirst slides should be avoided.
  • During sliding practice bases should not be strapped down.
  • At no time should “horse play” be permitted on the playing field.
  • Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide “safety glasses.”
  • Players should not wear watches, rings, pins or other metallic items.
  • Screen out at the time of tryouts those youngsters whose lack of coordination or physical handicap might make them susceptible to injury.
  • Catchers must wear facemask in warming up pitchers. This applies between innings and in the bullpen.
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