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Skills Training Overview

The Board of Directors of Horsham Little League stresses that our managers and coaches teach skills in a structured way that ensures that when a child moves up to the next level of play, he/she will have been taught specific skills at the previous level that will enable the manager and coaches to focus their teaching efforts where they are most needed. Our goal is to teach the skills needed in T-Ball through Minor Leagues so that, for example, a majors-level manager can concentrate on teaching the children some of the finer skills of the game.

With that in mind, we ask that all managers read and follow the curriculum for each level. The skills and teaching points listed progress from T-Ball through Machine Pitch and Intermediates, or from ages 5 to 10. They are things that should be covered with the players in the course of the season. We ask that managers cover at least those things noted at the level at which they are managing. Some of these guidelines might seem obvious, but they are not obvious to a six-year-old.

Please follow these guidelines. We think they will be helpful to those of you who are new to managing, as well as helping those of you with more experience to continue to improve as a manager. Remember, managing in a game situation is really the icing on the cake. The manner in which you teach your players, organize your practices, prepare yourself and communicate to your players and parents are the things that set the better managers apart.

We appreciate your cooperation in this effort to ensure that our kids learn how to throw, field, hit and think properly about the greatest game in the world.

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