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Disciplinary Procedures

Horsham Little League reserves the right to discipline any Manager, Coach, Umpire Parent or Player for behavior deemed abusive to another individual during any Little League associated game, practice or event. Complaints received by a disciplinary committee of the Horsham Little League Board of Directors will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Individuals accused of abusive behavior will be informed in writing of the complaint and will have the opportunity to appear before the disciplinary committee to respond.

Once the review of the complaint is complete the committee has the right to dismiss the complaint or bring forward to the board of directors for a vote on disciplinary action to be taken based on the severity of the complaint. The disciplinary action must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the board of directors.

Disciplinary actions will be comprised of a suspension from participation and/or presence at the fields for a prescribed period of time based on the severity of the complaint. In general, any complaint, which includes the use of profanity that is audible to the players or observers of a game, practice or event and/or the use of physical contact with the intent to harm or intimidate, will result in a disciplinary recommendation of suspension for the remainder of the current season. Disciplinary actions for Managers, Coaches and Umpires will be maintained in the board minutes and be considered in the selection process in subsequent years. Player suspensions will not exceed the end of a current season but may impact eligibility for tournament play.

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